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Understand how to use & the Sleeping Dogs Method ....

The Sleeping Dogs Method

Treating Chronically Traumatized Children

Arianne Struik

Clinical Psychologist

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Dolores Mosquera

Clinical Psychologist

$79 incl. GST

Understanding and Treating Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Treat different profiles characterized by self-centeredness, selfish attitudes and a lack of empathy...

Dr. Lane Pederson

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for Addictions

Address harmful behaviors that act as barriers to improving people’s lives

Dr. Lane Pederson

DBT for Self-Injurious and Suicidal Behaviors

on addressing safety and developing comprehensive safety plans.

Kathy Steele, MN, CS

Calming the Inner Critic:

Working with Punitive Introjects, Ego States, and Dissociative Parts

Work with a wide range of inner criticism, punishment, and harshness

Understand patients with dissociative disorders & organize the workplan...

Working With Parts in Dissociative Disorders: 

A Practical Guide for Trauma Therapists

Dolores Mosquera

Clinical Psychologist

Aug 8, 2020

10 AM - 1 PM (MDT)

Hope Payson


EMDR Therapy and the Treatment of Substance and Behavioral Addictions

Increasing stability with complex trauma clients with addictions...

Using the EMDR Protocol to process traumatic memories

Arianne Struik

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Mark Davies

Treating First Responders Dealing with Operational Stress Injury and PTSD

The essential elements of working effectively with first responders

Christina Reese

Discover the significant meaning behind relationships, the dysfunction when missing, and how to repair...

Adult Attachment: Trauma-Informed Assessment and Treatment Interventions

Dr. Lane Pederson

DBT Tools & Strategies for Trauma-Related Symptoms

Learn the must-have skills to help clients regulate emotions, manage distress, and ground themselves

Dolores Mosquera

Clinical Psychologist

Helping Clients with Suicidal Ideation and Self-harming Behaviors

Explore the different stages of suicidal ideation...

Dolores Mosquera

Clinical Psychologist

The effects of emotional abuse, feeling like a burden for others or unwanted has a profound effect ... 

 Working With the Effects of Emotional Abuse, Severe Neglect & Invisibility 

Dolores Mosquera

Clinical Psychologist

EMDR therapy for  Suicidal,

 Self-harming Behaviours and Borderline Personality Disorders

Dr. Janina Fisher

Transforming the 'Living Legacy' of Trauma

Make sense of trauma-based symptoms

Dr. Lane Pederson

DBT Distress Tolerance & Emotion Regulation Tools for Clients

Bonus materials, addressing telehealth...

Ad de Jongh, PhD

Suzy Matthijssen, PhD

Effective Treatment of Complex PTSD and Dissociation 

Work through the challenges presented by working with clients with PTSD...

Frances Waters


The Missing Link in Complex Trauma

Theory, Diagnoses, and Overlapping Symptoms in Dissociative Youth​

Kathy Steele MN, CS

Working with Chronic Shame, Resistance, and Traumatic Memory in Complex PTSD & Dissociative Disorders

(With or Without EMDR)

A 2 day (12 - 14 hr)

home study course

Aug 8, 2020

10 AM - 1 PM (MDT)

Hope Payson


Understanding and Addressing the Multiple Roots of Addiction

For mental health professionals early in their careers, seeking to learn more about addictions...

Kathy Steele,


Understanding and Treating Chronic Shame in Complex Trauma and Dissociation

Half-day (4 hr) Course

 Explore functions of shame, distinctions between shame & guilt... 

Arianne Struik

Clinical Psychologist

Troubleshooting When Using EMDR Online

Understand how to use & troubleshoot EMDR online with Children and Adults....

Andrew Seubert


Becoming Known - Advanced Topics:

Parts Work with Eating Disorders, Anxiety, and Attachment Injury in Adults

Includes didactic segments, session videos and actual practice.


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