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Take your learning to the next level by being a part of the Envision Ambassador Program

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About Envision

Your Virtual Learning Platform

Our main goal is to make learning attainable for mental health professionals and future MHPs around the world. We bring continuing education and specialized training to mental health professionals who are seeking to continue growing their skills and modalities. We serve mental health professionals with a wide range of experience, from fresh out of university to people with decades of experience. Often this diverse group of learners can be found in the same workshop, contributing to the engaging learning experience.

What is the Envision Ambassador Program?


The Envision University Ambassador Program is simple. When you partner with us you get access to workshops with Envision, free - and all of the practical and clinical exposure that comes with it. What's your role? Being an ambassador means leveraging your social circle to promote our brand. In the modern economy, you want to start off your career on the best foot possible. A resume full of additional learning is sure to make your resume stand out. 

Who you are:

  • Well-connected on campus with a strong network of campus activities and organizations

  • Outgoing and excited by this program, willing to promote our brand to others.

  • A social media whizz who’s up to date on the latest digital trends and platforms

  • Driven by learning

What you do:

  • Represent our brand to others through social media and personal connections

  • Offer student discounts for our workshops to your network

  • Promote Envision at campus events where the opportunity arises. 

  • Post about Envision on your social channels using Affiliate links

What You Get

Earn commission from orders you oversee


Deepen your clinical knowledge and skills in the field of mental health by attending Free Envision Workshops


Build your resume – Distinguish yourself when you are looking for a practicum placement. Get ready to enter the workforce and make a difference in the lives of those you help.

Boost your practicum chances  – Knowing more than expected while searching for a mentor offers desirability! 

Find out more...

Preparation for your future starts here.

Envision has all the tools you need to bridge the gap between your education and clinical practice.

Every workshop, lots of students join us to supplement their learning. Go beyond the classroom and familiarize yourself with different treatment modalities, current research, and cutting edge interventions.

As a part of Envision's University Ambassador Program, you can expand your clinical skills, at no cost, while helping your peers get a head start at a discounted rate.

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